A few weeks ago I wrote a post asking you to ask 5 questions before buying a new iPhone. I was inspired to write that post because a friend of mine was trying to figure out how she could get off of work early to buy the new phone. I wrote the article and then asked her to read it, and interestingly enough she waited to buy the phone. Side note: I would like to believe that it was because she was so ridiculously inspired by the blog article! Well, this same friend texted me today to tell me that she finally ordered the phone, and she didn’t need to take off of work to do it. Also, because she waited, she was able to buy the new phone and it only cost her $11 out of pocket and she had to sign a new 2-year contract!

When she shared this information, I immediately started asking her how she did it, what carrier she has, and if she could share her secrets!!! She told me that with her plan, she builds upgrade credits over time. She kept her existing phone so long, that when she upgraded she received $400 in credits. Then she traded in her existing phone, and received additional credits. The combination of these two actions allowed her to walk away with a brand new cell phone with little out of pocket cost. When she told me her story, she asked that I share it with you all, so you can leverage this knowledge.

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photo credit: CarbonNYC [in SF!] via photopin cc

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