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Have you ever had an experience that was so emotionally draining and stressful that it began to impact you physically and mentally?  This experience shook you to the core and left you questioning whether you were as good, talented, or smart as you thought that you were.  Such an experience happened to me. I was in such a toxic environment, that over time I started to question my value, worth, and ability to contribute. I was so emotionally drained that I began to get anxiety attacks, something with which I never previously struggled.  It became a challenge just to make it though the day.


I was scared because I was losing my connection to who I was.  I was so down that even my friends could barely recognize me.  I wore the misery on my face and in my overall exterior being.  I cared a lot less about my outward appearance because inside I was so miserable and angry.  I didn’t have the strength to pull together my exterior because inside I was a mess.  After so many months of trying to pretend like I was ok, I was physically and mentally exhausted.  I felt lost because I didn’t know what I could do to stop the feeling.

Eventually I decided that if I didn’t take action, I would succumb to my misery. Succumbing to my surroundings and becoming a victim scared me. I knew that I needed to do something to prove to myself that I was talented, smart, valuable, and a wonderful person. I needed to do something hard that stretched me and grew me to the point that I could grow out of the emotional dump that I found myself in. I decided that I would grow FNPhenomenal.

FNPhenomenal became an avenue for me to express my creativity, passion, de-stress, work through my emotions, and further challenge and hone my own thinking.  I finally invested the time and the money to grow FNPhenomenal.  Every month I had a goal and commitment that I would up-level my business and personal development.

This became an opportunity of a lifetime because while in the darkest parts of my pain, I wrote the book, “5+5 FNPhenomenal Ways to Save $100 This Week Without Killing Your Lifestyle,” which became a #1 Amazon Best Seller.  I always knew that I wanted to go big, but to see it actually happening was just an amazing experience.  Now, I teach workshops, work with individual clients, and even have a self-study program.  This is in addition to another opportunity of a lifetime!

I learned from that experience that you can turn pain into triumph.  Your pain is not for you.  God is using that pain to sharpen you. Just like how a blade is sharpened by iron, you are sharpened by struggle. If you stay connected to God through prayer, have faith, and take action, through your obstacles, you can accomplish great things.

Always look for the light at the end of the tunnel and for the lessons and the peace in the midst of your obstacles, and you will be better than ok.  You will be phenomenal.

Let me know how you are going to think about your obstacles differently and use them to create an opportunity of a lifetime.


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