Growth happens when you get uncomfortable. As we begin this New Year we should be focused on hitting new goals and having new experiences so this year isn’t a replay of previous years. One of the key ways to do that is to look for ways that you can get uncomfortable everyday. This doesn’t mean that you have to do something extreme like skydiving, but it does mean doing something small that you wouldn’t normally do. This can be something as simple as ordering new dish at a restaurant or introducing yourself to someone new at work.

It’s not necessarily what you decide to do, it’s about developing a new habit that gets you mentally ready to do something different. For example, I launched my second business in January, 2013 because I challenged myself to do something differently. I wasn’t looking to start another business, but an opportunity presented itself and I decided to run with it. If I wasn’t open, then I never would have done it and I never would have been in the position to have my life and my family’s life change in such a positive way.

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