The setting…the oh so chic, vintage retail shop Thrift on the Ave. (TOTA) in Detroit.

The ambiance…warm, sleek, and inviting.

The guests…stylish and ready to celebrate.

The occasion…The “5+5 FNPhenomenal Ways to Save $100 This Week Without Killing Your Lifestyle” book launch party.


I have to admit, I was too excited to get dressed, meet my guests, and share my new “5+5” story with my existing, and soon to be new friends. As I walked into TOTA all decked out with my branding, I have to say, the cool vintage, reasonably priced clothes and apparel totally embodied my modern girl’s approach to being phenomenal and financially free.

I was beaming when my first guest arrived, smiling and eager to be the first to purchase the first hard copy of my book and receive a bonus gift – a branded bookmark. I signed my first book, well, with the exception of the one I signed for myself, and the evening was off…

As guests mingled, nibbled, enjoyed the music, and glanced through the book, first on the agenda was my introduction by the hostess, Carlotta. Now, I’m getting anxious and even more excited, but I’m so ready to share, first a bit about me, then the good stuff about the book, including the beloved “5plus5crew” members, who were in attendance greeting and sharing their financial woes and wisdom with the crowd. Bretta, Jordan, and Amber were a hit. I even read an excerpt from the book so the crowd could get a better idea of my modern girl’s approach, and how the “5plus5crew” would become friends and resources to them.

Bretta, Jordan, and Amber made another appearance as the stars of the uber fabulous vintage fashion show, wearing fashions and accessories available at TOTA. Krystal, from TOTA, styled the ladies based on their personalities and moderated a fun show. Guests were very impressed by the caliber of apparel available for such great prices. Another highlight was the book presentation to a young high school student. I hope she enjoys the book and will use it as a resource for living phenomenally.

As I received praise and all champagne-filled glasses in the house were raised simultaneously to toast to the success of FNPhenomenal and things to come, I was overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness. What a way to close out the evening!

More than fifty friends supported, hugging commenced, laughter was in abundance, special guests surprised me with their attendance, I graciously accepted praise and kudos, strangers became my new friends and I was a happy camper. My first book launch party was a great success.

Thank you to every friend that contributed to making my day FNPhenomenal!

“Aisha has provided a practical learning tool that should be an essential part of everyone’s financial development collection. Thanks for this work Ms. Taylor!” say J. Baker.

If you missed the launch and want to purchase the book, please visit

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