Why i'm Breaking Up With FNPhenomenal

Why I’m Breaking Up With FNPhenomenal and Where to Find Me

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When I started FNPhenomenal, it was the end of 2012. I had lost myself in trying to keep up with the Joneses. I was anchoring my self-worth in the things that I could do and buy. I was deep in debt and I knew that in order to transform my spending I needed to work on me and do some things differently.  However, at that time, I still wanted an active social life, that Sex and the City lifestyle, but I wanted it for less, a little more authentically, and on a budget. I wanted to be able to go…

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One day as I was as reflecting back on the lessons I learned from Booker T. Washington, I realized just how many of those lessons I can apply to my single motherhood journey. In this post, I share the 6 biggest lessons that I learned.

6 Life Lessons I Learned From Booker T. Washington

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Have I ever told you that I love to read?  In fact, Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington is one of my favorite books.  I first read it a number of years ago. I love the book so much that I’ve read it twice (both times pre-pregnancy and pre-motherhood) at different stages of my life. As background, Booker T. Washington was born a slave, yet he was the first leader of the Tuskegee Institute and under his leadership built the school. He also was an advisor to United States presidents and was an influential leader in the black community….

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Megan Motley of Goodness Gracious Cookies joins Aisha Taylor of the Phenomenal Moms Podcast to share how single moms can help their children pursue their dreams

How Single Moms Can Help Their Children Pursue Their Dreams

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Are you a single mom who is wondering if your children can pursue their dreams? Do you think that as a single mom, you and your children are destined for a life of lack? Are you trying to figure out how you can balance motherhood and still help your children thrive? In this podcast episode, Megan Motley of Goodness Gracious Cookies joins me to discuss how she was able to help her daughter achieve her dream of traveling to Japan.  Plus, she even helped other single moms send their children to Japan as well!  Megan also shares her story of how…

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