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Wish you had more money in your paycheck? In this post, you will learn how to increase your monthly income by changing your tax withholdings.

Give Yourself A Monthly Raise With This Simple Tip

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I have a couple of friends who loathe the idea of receiving a refund.  I thought they were crazy when I heard them talk about their desire to structure their taxes in a way where they wouldn’t receive a tax refund.  They believed that a tax refund was a big waste and meant they failed in properly setting up their taxes at the beginning of the year. To them, a tax refund wasn’t something to be excited about, but rather a signal to do something different the following year.  This was totally different than my approach. Unlike my friends, I…

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One day as I was as reflecting back on the lessons I learned from Booker T. Washington, I realized just how many of those lessons I can apply to my single motherhood journey. In this post, I share the 6 biggest lessons that I learned.

6 Life Lessons I Learned From Booker T. Washington

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Have I ever told you that I love to read?  In fact, Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington is one of my favorite books.  I first read it a number of years ago. I love the book so much that I’ve read it twice (both times pre-pregnancy and pre-motherhood) at different stages of my life. As background, Booker T. Washington was born a slave, yet he was the first leader of the Tuskegee Institute and under his leadership built the school. He also was an advisor to United States presidents and was an influential leader in the black community….

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The government shutdown lasted 35 days. The pain of the furloughed workers was real. In this post, I’m going to share 6 money management lessons we can learn from the government shutdown that will help you to make adjustments now to better protect your financial security going forward.

6 Money Management Lessons From The Government Shutdown

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The government shutdown lasted 35 days.  The pain of the furloughed workers was real.  I heard stories about people who were unable to go to work because they couldn’t afford childcare.  However, there were stories of beauty within the midst of that storm as everyday Americans and businesses stepped up to help their fellow citizens weather the storm through food drives, free meals, and other assistance.  I was even encouraged to see banks stepping up to provide relief for customers who were impacted by the shutdown. That type of concern for others was encouraging. As I thought about the impact…

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Learn 7 Ways To Start Funding Your Investment Account Even If You Don't Think You Make Enough. This is an amazing way for single moms to build an investment account and still pay their bills.

7 Ways To Start Funding Your Investment Account Even If You Don’t Think You Make Enough

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I’m excited to work with Ellevest to start this conversation about women and money. I will receive compensation if you become an Ellevest member.   Investing is a common financial goal for the New Year.  However, between paying bills and just trying to keep everything together, where is the additional money going to come from?  The good news is once you know where to get the money, you can invest with a site like Ellevest which is a financial company for women by women.  But where does the money come from? Although the 7 strategies shared in this post may…

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Episode 012: Get Disciplined, Learn How to Believe In Yourself, & Take Action

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Episode Description This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Kyra Crandol, owner of Studio Thrift.  This is an amazing interview because not only does she share tips about how to successfully thrift and to navigate sales without blowing your budget, she also shares some very valuable life principles. Kyra works a full-time job, but decided to pursue entrepreneurship in her spare time, because she was looking for a way to find more fulfillment in her life.  Working full-time and managing a successful business is difficult, so Kyra also shares some of her favorite techniques that keep her on track….

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