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The FNPhenomenal Movement is designed to support single moms who desire a life of financial freedom and total abundance. In order to accomplish this, we focus on three pillars of support: Faith, Finance, and Phenomenal Living.  Specifically, we teach our moms the following:


  • How to strengthen and develop their faith and spiritual being.
  • How to break the stigma of single motherhood by walking confidently and acquiring the tools to build a financially savvy future.
  • How to eliminate debt and create wealth by implementing daily money management skills and practices.
  • How to reduce stress by getting control of your spending habits, becoming the boss of your money, and setting you and your family up for financial success.
  • How to BE frugal and LIVE phenomenally by pursuing their divine purpose.


If you are new to the site and want to know where to get started, then check out these resources:

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