As the Modern Girl’s Guide to Saving Money, I’m all about showing you where and how to get the best deals, while not spending a lot of time looking for these deals.  That’s why I created this helpful list of online savings sites and apps. This is the first half of a two part series.  The first part will focus on discounts on everyday items, while the second part will focus on shopping and time sensitive deals.


Discounts on Everyday Items has been my go-to site for many years.  They sell gift certificates to local restaurants at a deep discount.  Prior to going out to eat, just search the restaurants in the area and pick which one you want to visit.  No printing is required.  Because the site has an app, you can just show the coupon on your phone to the server.  I started using this back when you physically had to bring in a paper coupon.  My friends used to always joke, because I would pull out a stack of coupons from, but we always saved money!

The Cheap Chimp: The Cheap Chimp ( is an app available for Android and iPhone.  This site provides information about free and discounted activities, discounts on dining, and discounts on retail.  The Cheap Chimp also periodically does cool giveaways to its community members.

Retail-Me-Not and Coupon Cabin: Retail-Me-Not ( and Coupon Cabin ( are two sites that provide online coupon codes. I search these sites prior to making an online purchase to see if there are any coupons that would apply to my purchase.  If the coupon code is applicable, I click on the offer and save.

Upromise:  Upromise ( is a great site if you have student loans or are planning to save for college.  If you shop through Upromise, you will get a percentage of your purchase deposited into a 529 Savings Plan or into your student loan account as a payment. In addition to the deposit, Upromise offers online discounts off of your purchase as well as grocery coupons. If you have patience,
 is a great site to find coupons on general household goods.  You do, however, need to print off the coupons.  Similar to Retail-me-Not and Coupon Cabin, has online coupon codes that can be redeemed on an online purchase. is a discount website dedicated to consumer electronics and cellular accessories.  Given how often cellular accessories can be misplaced, broken, or lost (which we should try to avoid because of replacement costs), this site helps you to save money on your next replacement or purchase!


Hopefully these sites will help you save money and not kill your lifestyle!  Please be sure to leave a comment to let me know how you are saving money!

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