As the Modern Girl’s Guide to Saving Money, I’m all about showing you where and how to get the best deals, while not spending a lot of time looking for these deals.  This is the Part Two of a two-part series.  Part One of this series focused on saving money on everyday deals.  Part Two focuses on shopping.  Many of the sites listed below include time-sensitive deals.


Navigating time-sensitive deals takes a lot of discipline.  It’s very easy to get so excited about the sale that you end up engaging in impulse buying that will blow your budget.  Also, these impulse buys can easily cause you to buy items that you wouldn’t normally buy, and never use, which wastes money.  I say this from personal experience!

I share these sites with you because if you are looking for a certain type of item and have patience, these sites can help you get a better deal on something that you were already going to buy.  For example, I was in the market for new perfume and I was able to find it on both and Shop Style for way less than I would have paid if I bought it at a department store.

Time Sensitive Deals

Groupon: Groupon ( is a great site because you can save money on almost everything.  Groupon has discounts on clothes, activities, food, etc.  One of my favorite sections on Groupon is the Groupon Now Deal.  These deals are available immediately for use in a local area.  I generally will use the Groupon now, if I am planning to go out to eat and I happen to see a restaurant that I would like to try.

Living Social: Living Social ( is similar to Groupon due to the time sensitivity of the featured deals.  If you are looking for a certain item, it’s best to search both Unique and higher end products.

Gilt and Hautelook: Gilt ( and Hautelook ( are great sites if you are looking for high-end items.  I’ve found some great designer gems for a fraction of retail on these sites.  Make sure you understand the return process before you buy just in case something doesn’t fit right when it arrives.

Shop Style: Shop Style ( is quickly becoming my favorite online site if I am looking for a particular item.  Shop Style allows you to customize your interests including brand, size, color, etc., and Shop Style will send you email alerts with sale notifications.  I love this because you don’t waste your time searching through items that you are not interested in with the hope that you will find a gem.  Sometimes you have to move quickly because certain items will sell out.

These sites are great resources, however before you buy you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I afford it?
  • Do I need it?
  • Am I buying it because it’s on sale?
  • Will I use it?

Gilt and Hautelook require even more discipline because it’s easy to get caught up in the designer hype.  Sometimes you feel like you have to have it because it’s designer and the price seems unreal.  Stay focused and remember your financial goals.

Make sure you leave a comment to let me know how you use these sites!!!  Be sure to share if you have some other go-to sites.

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