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This week FNPhenomenal Founder, Aisha Taylor, is Interviewing Dr. Shante Bishop of Branding for Believers. In this episode Dr. Bishop discusses why starting a purpose-based business is a part of Living Phenomenal. She also discusses how this business can be started with little investment just by taking advantage of free resources. Listen now so you can learn how to start or grow your business frugally and phenomenally.

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Dr. Shante’ Bishop’s Bio:

Dr. Shante Bishop

Dr. Shanté Bishop is the host of Branding for Believers, an inspirational podcast that equips entrepreneurs and influencers with the faith to BELIEVE BIGGER in their dreams!  She is a writer for JET Magazine, college professor, and has been featured in Forbes Magazine. As the CEO of Design Her Label, LLC, Dr. Shante helps her clients turn their creative ideas into a purposeful, powerful, and profitable platform.

If you struggle with fear, self-doubt, or wonder whether you really have what it takes to achieve unparalleled success, then Dr. Shante will inspire you to believe bigger than your circumstances and equip you with the tools you need take bold action.


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