Did you overspend over the holiday season?  Are you already feeling the impact that it has had on your 2015? If so then you are not alone.  The average person was expected to spend $861 on gifts this season and in the United States during the 2014 holiday season.  For some people, this resulted in an over extended budget, use of credit cards, and ultimately starting off in a financial hole before 2015 even starts.


The good news is that, you can bounce back.  This workshop is designed to teach you 5 strategies to help you to bounce back from the post holiday pinch to position you to make 2015 your most financially phenomenal year yet.

During this interactive workshop we will be discussing:

  • How to set your intention and goals for 2015
  • How to determine your past spending habits
  • How to identify your current spending priorities to avoid feeling deprived
  • Strategies to create your financial roadmap
  • How to develop ways to hold yourself accountable so you can finally keep this New Year’s Resolution

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Aisha Taylor is a #1 Amazon Best Selling Author of the book “5+5 FNPhenomenal Ways to Save $100 This Week Without Killing Your Lifestyle”, the Founder of FNPhenomenal (Frugal –n- Phenomenal), and creator of The Live Phenomenal Program. FNPhenomenal helps women to break the vicious cycle of making money, but not keeping it.  FNPhenomenal provides education about money management, empowers women to take control of their lives, develop a healthier relationship with money, and pursue being phenomenal.

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