As a new parent, it can be overwhelming to go out with the baby. However, there are a few things that you can do to make life a little easier when traveling with the baby.

Pack Enough Food

Breastfeeding Moms

If you are a breastfeeding mom, then you are the food (haha), but there are things that you can do to make breastfeeding easier while you are out. The first is to dress for success. Wear a nursing tank or bra, because it makes it so much easier to breastfeed your child and still maintain some modesty. Another item that you can wear are Blanqi Leggings. I love these leggings. These are high-waisted leggings that are slimming and cover up your belly, which prevents your belly being exposed while breastfeeding. Last, pack a nursing cover to give you and your baby privacy.

Formula Feeding Moms

Put portioned powdered formula in plastic sandwich bag, pre-fill the bottles with water, and mix when you are ready to use. Also, don’t forget the bottle nipple! I have a tendency to remember the formula or expressed breast milk, but I forget the bottle nipple.

If you are using ready to use formula, then pack extra of the formula. However, given the shelf-life of ready to use formula once it is open, pack a cooler or look for smaller, easy to carry containers. A better option is to pack powdered formula. It’s more convenient and it is less expensive than ready to use formula.


Extra Change of Clothes


If your baby typically has more frequent diaper blowouts or leaks you will want to pack two or three changes of clothes. I generally carry two changes of clothing for each child, because I don’t want to need them and not have them. Also, constantly review your diaper bag to ensure that the clothes fit. I know this sounds basic, but I remember one time I was out with my twins and I needed to do a full clothing change. However, the clothes in the diaper bag were 0-3 months but the twins were in 3-6 month clothes. None of the pants fit, so I had to try to swaddle a 6-month old because it was too cold to go without pants. By the way, 6-month olds do not like to be swaddled lol.

staying sane when you are out with your baby



Keep your diaper bag stocked with about 5 disposable diapers to ensure that you don’t run out. If you use cloth diapers, then pack the mini diaper bag to store your dirty diapers. If you use cloth then consider using disposable diapers for the day.  Depending on how long I will be gone for the day and where I will be going, sometimes I have found that disposable diapers were more convenient than cloth diapers.




Pack your patience, because things will take longer than normal and you may have an upset or fussy child. Also, have patience for strangers. It can be annoying to have strangers stop you to talk about the baby or to touch your baby with their germy hands. However, people love babies. They generally don’t mean any harm and it is their way of showing love and encouragement.


Hopefully, these tips help you to plan for a wonderful outing with your baby. Please leave a comment to let me know how you will use these tips.

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