Do you struggle with the holidays (financially, emotionally, spiritually, etc.)?

Are you wondering how you can make Christmas phenomenal for your children but are wondering how to do it financially?

Are you hoping to navigate the holidays without the stress?

The holiday time can be stressful, sad and lonely for many people.  There can be so much pressure to find the perfect gift or create the perfect memory that the desire to make the holidays perfect can lead to stress.

At one point I really struggled with the single mom guilt that impacted how I viewed the holiday (and truthfully many other days as well).  Yes, I was excited about the Christmas tree, time with family, pictures with Santa, and the other unique experiences of Christmas, but when I took time to slow down enough to think about how I felt, I knew something was amiss.

I felt like I had to be both parents, buy twice as many gifts, and create super awesome experiences for my children to make up for the fact that their dad walked out. I never wanted my children to feel his absence so I decided to kick it into overdrive. I confided to a friend about my feelings and she told me that I needed a mindset change and if I didn’t I was heading down the road of burnout, stress, and debt.

That advice was so transformational for me because I began to work on the source of that feeling and I found peace in who God was calling me to be.  Yes, there are times when I feel like I need to be supermom and do and buy all of this extra stuff, but in those moments I remind myself that God called me to be the mom that He called me to be and that is enough.  That peace also helped me to save a lot of money and to focus on the experiences and memories that I am able to create with my twins.

Therefore, if you are in the position now where you are faced with a holiday season that causes you stress and anxiety then I want to tell you that you aren’t letting your children down and you are not a failure if you can’t provide them expensive or a large number of gifts. You aren’t letting your kids down if you can’t do everything on your Pinterest wish list and you aren’t letting them down if you are unable to match the gifts or experiences that you see on Instagram.  You can still give your children an amazing Christmas and holiday season.

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How to Spend Less Money, Have More Fun, and Have Less Stress This Holiday Season As A Single Mom