Father’s Day is a chance to show your father or father figure in your life how much you care.  One of the things that I fully believe is that if you love and care about someone then you shouldn’t need a day to show them how much they matter to you, because your words and actions should show them regularly.  However, since Father’s Day is here, we need to make sure that we celebrate Dad the right way.  Keep reading for a few gift buying tips for Dad this Father’s Day.


Focus on experiences

Psychology researchers have found that material objects only make us happy between six and 12 weeks regardless of how much you may have desired the object because once you get it you become bored or accustomed to it.  Experiences on the other hand, according to psychology professor Thomas Gilovich, provide more enduring value and makes people happier because they are “less likely to measure the value of their experiences by comparing them to those of others.”

Think about giving experiential gifts this year for Father’s Day.  For example, make a reservation and have a dinner out with Dad, you can decide if you want to invite the rest of the family.  Alternatively, you can gift him with an experience for things that he either loves or has always wanted to do.  For example, if your Dad loves to golf, then go with him for a round of golf your treat.  If he ever wanted to have a thrill seeking experience like driving a racecar or going skydiving, then you treat and accompany him for the day.  Take the time to figure out what he loves to do or would love to do but hasn’t had the chance to, and then help him make that a reality.   Also, if the experience is on the pricey side, ask your siblings to contribute to the cost of the gift so you all give one big gift instead of multiple gifts.  Check Groupon.com and LivingSocial.com for cool deals on experiences.  If you don’t find any deals there, call the companies that you are interested in and ask if they have any discounts for Father’s Day.

Tangible gifts

If I buy a tangible gift, I’m big on figuring out what people need and then buying it for them so that they can save the money.  If I do buy non-necessity gifts, I take the time to figure out what someone has put off purchasing because they have been so focused on the bills.  I then surprise them with the item that they wanted so they can spend their money on the bills and their daily expense.  In order to accomplish this, you must ask strategic questions and listen to hear what keeps coming up when they speak.

Before you purchase your gift, check to see if you can find it on sale by checking an app like Red Laser.  Also, if you have a rewards card (frequent purchase card, debit card rewards, or credit card rewards), then check to see if you can redeem your rewards to save money on the gift.

Gift Cards

Another gift option is to buy Dad gift cards to the places where he already shops, places where he spends a lot of time, or to offset the cost for his hobby.  If you buy gift cards, head to your favorite grocery store because many grocery stores will give you fuel perks with the purchase of gift cards.  If you are lucky, then you can buy the gift cards on a day with bonus fuel perks, and save money on your next fill up!

Totally free gifts

Sometimes just being there and spending time with your Dad is the greatest gift.  If you are the creative type, then some gifts cost little to know money. Also, you can create a Father’s Day memory book where you, your children, siblings, and the people closest to your Dad write a special message to him about what makes him special and how he has impacted your lives.  Include pictures in the book along with the messages.  I guarantee that he will never forget it and probably even re-read it a few times.

What are you going to get your Dad this Father’s Day?  Let me know!

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