This past weekend, I had to travel to NYC for my friend’s wedding. I’m so happy that my friends, Charice from Big Envy and Tiffany, were at my house when I was packing, because they helped me to narrow down exactly what I would wear to the wedding.

I rarely fly Spirit because of the cost of bags. I normally carry on my bags to avoid paying for checked bags, but Spirit charges for carry-on luggage. I don’t like the idea of paying to carry on luggage, because that drives up the cost of my ticket, which would eliminate any savings, and besides I’m doing all of the work lifting and carrying the luggage. Since I knew that I would have a lot of expenses for this trip, I couldn’t afford to increase my ticket cost with extra luggage so I decided to pack light. What a concept! I immediately started to formulate a strategy to guide my packing experience, so I could fit everything into a bag that fit the personal item dimensions. This would allow me to avoid paying for a checked or carry-on bag.


Instead of bringing two dresses to the wedding and choosing a dress there, I packed exactly what I would wear. I tried both dresses on at home and then Tiffany and Charice helped me to choose the best one. We also selected my jewelry and shoes, and I packed the recommendation.

Since I was flying out on a Friday, and I knew that we would probably do something Friday evening, I wore a dress with a blazer to work that could easily go from day to night to avoid packing any extra items. The blazer could also serve as a jacket during the weekend. Since the wedding was at 6:30pm, I had to pack an outfit for the day on Saturday. My flight on Sunday was at 5pm, and Sunday was going to be pretty chill, so I figured that I could just re-wear the pants from Saturday.

A lot of stuff in a small bag!

I packed a lot of stuff in a small bag!

Despite this, I still over-packed. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to pack an extra pair of leggings. I also had to pack a white blazer and this cute white shirt just in case. This goes to show that you can still get an extra “just in case” outfit in a small bag. Turns out that I didn’t need it because on Sunday, I ended up re-wearing my outfit from Saturday because I didn’t wear it very long, and it was super comfy! In hindsight, I definitely could have left the extra pair of leggings at home and probably even the blazer. However, the good news is everything still fit.

When you fly an airline like Spirit, where you are charged for checked and carry-on luggage, follow these 3 tips when you pack:

1. Get focused. Figure out what you will wear each day before you pack.
2. Stick to your list. It’s tempting to want to throw in extras but ask yourself if the extra cost is worth it.
3. Maximize your space. Look for ways to fold your clothing in a way that maximizes space.

If you follow these tips then you can save $70 – $200 in round-trip luggage fees. I’m so grateful that I spent this extra time and was disciplined, because I needed the money for airport transfers and for cab rides within the city.

Let me know how it goes!

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