“You can’t cut your way to financial freedom.”

I can’t remember who told me that quote, but it’s so true. Many times we focus just on cutting our expenses, but sometimes we find that there is nothing left to cut back. You also need to increase your income. Think about losing weight. Many fitness experts will tell you to reduce calories and exercise. Achieving financial freedom is very similar. It is as much about growing your income as it is cutting your expenses. You must do both if you want to have an amazing life. Many times we focus on one, but if you really want to see progress you need to do both.

You may be wondering, how do I do that and not go find a second job. I totally get it. We are all busy, and sometimes working a second job is not ideal. The good news is that you probably have an innate talent that you could leverage to make money. Many of us, if we give ourselves enough credit, do something amazing. If you think about it, you may even have friends or family approach you and to ask you for advice.

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photo credit: ~Liliana via photopin cc

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