Earlier this year, I had been craving a new iPhone, but I decided against the investment.  I remember looking down at my iPhone 4 smiling, as I thought about the marketing genius in convincing people to purchase a new phone every year.  Many people around the world upgrade their phones every 1-2 years.  Each upgrade costs anywhere between $200-$300 to have the latest and greatest model.

Currently, I am not under contract.  However, about 6 months before my contract ended, I was anxiously awaiting the end of my 2-year contract, and counted down the days until I could qualify for the upgrade special.  At the time, I was convinced that my phone needed to be replaced because it was “old”.  When the day finally came, I called my phone company excited about the possibility of getting a brand new iPhone.  I could finally join the club.  However, when I realized that the phone would cost me between $200-$300 depending on the phone that I wanted, I started to waver in my desire for a phone.

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