Setting goals and plans for your life is a great start, but in order to be successful, you must stick to them. That’s the hard part. I have had times where I was super excited about a plan of action, set goals, and then nothing. The actions weren’t there even though the intent was. I realized that if I was having trouble accomplishing my goals then I needed to first evaluate if I really wanted what I said that I wanted. If I did, then I needed to develop a plan that helped me to stay on track and course correct if I wasn’t seeing the results that I expected. Here is what I learned.

Get an Accountability Buddy. It is easier to be accountable to someone else than it is to be accountable to ourselves. Think about it. We break promises to ourselves all of the time, but yet we work hard to keep our promises to other people. If you have ever tried a diet an exercise regiment, it was probably easier to go to the gym if you knew that you were meeting someone there. The same is true for your finances. If you have someone that you can check in with and share your goals with, then you are more likely to achieve those goals.

Write Your Goals Down. There is power in the written word. Research has shown that people who write their goals down are more likely to achieve them. Once you write your goals down, keep them in a place where you can see them everyday. I love to use washable mirror crayons to write my goals on my bathroom mirror. I know some people who use poster board and others who use index cards. You can even take a picture and use it as your screen saver on your phone. Whatever your chosen medium, make sure that the goals are in a highly visible place where you will be reminded of them often.

Take Small Steps. Taking small steps is critical to avoiding overwhelm, because chances are if you get overwhelmed then you will stop moving forward. Think about the old saying, “Jack of all trades and master of none.” If you try to do a lot at once then you will make a little progress in a lot of things. Pick one thing that will make the biggest impact towards your goal progress and focus on that until you are ready to make another change.

Track Progress. Setting goals that allow you to track your progress is key. Check out a post that I wrote that walks you through the steps of effective goal setting. If you create SMART goals then you can review your progress towards your goals. Set some time weekly to evaluate where you are with respect to your goals. If you are on track, then think about the things that you did well. If you are not on track consider the actions that you may need to tweak or actions that you may need to take to move yourself closer to success.

Celebrate Your Wins. This is where many of us fail. We are so busy focusing on the things that we didn’t do right that we forget to celebrate the things that were right. When you accomplish your goal, celebrate. For example, some people have (safe) mortgage or car note burning parties once they paid their final mortgage or student loan payment. I even had a celebration routine celebration that I did every time I paid off a credit card. It allowed me to celebrate the win, take time to reflect on what I did right, and then carry that momentum into accomplishing my next goal.

Now that you know how to adhere to your goals, what steps will you incorporate? Be sure to leave a comment to let me know!

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