Recently I went to my cell phone carrier because I was having issues with my phone. I went to the store to explore options to either fix my phone or get a new one.  Right before I left, the associate asked me if I wanted to explore whether my plan fits my needs. Of course I was starting to run low on time and I assumed that he was going to try to upsell me on a plan that I didn’t want.  However, I decided to let him explain my options and I am glad that I did, because he saved me $25 per month.

I learned that my cell phone carrier had recently changed the plans to provide more savings for people who aren’t under contract. People who aren’t under contract do not have a new phone that is being subsidized by the carrier, therefore, the carrier decided to reduce the monthly cost and pass the savings along.  Just by spending a few minutes of my time I was able to secure a $25 reduction to my bill. After I secured this reduction I started to wonder, “how long I had been paying the higher bill when I could have been saving money?”

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