I’m renovating a room in my condo and one of the last things that I need to do is to paint. I had been trying to figure out if I could get away with just 1 gallon for the main walls of the bedroom and 1 quart for the accent wall, because paint is expensive. I spoke to one guy at the store, but I didn’t want to buy the paint that day because they were about to close so I decided to just go back when I was in the area again.


When I went into the store the second time to buy the paint, I decided to ask the same questions to a different associate and show her pictures of the room that I was painting so I could really understand the quantity needed.  A quart was about $20 and the gallon was $40, so I wanted to get the quantity right. When she looked at the pictures of the room she told me that all I needed was a quart for the accent wall since the window took up most of the space and that I could probably get away with just 1 gallon for the main walls if I use primer first.  She advised me that primer would eliminate the need for 2 coats (2 gallons) of paint.  I was super excited because I finally figured out how to save money on my painting.


$20 with going with primer instead of purchasing a second paint gallon

$10 in store coupon

Total savings $30

I was so proud of my savings until the next day when the painter came to give me an estimate.  I thought that I was being proactive by purchasing the paint in advance, but when the painter came she told me that I purchased the wrong paint finish. The lady in the store advised me wrong.  Instead of semi-gloss I needed satin.  Additionally, she told me that primer did not eliminate the need for 2 coats of paint if I wanted the color to be true to color.  Therefore, I have 1 gallon and 1 quart of paint (total cost of $60) that is wrong.  Luckily, unlike the 2 quarts of another color that I have in the wrong paint that I purchased from another store, this store said that I could exchange the paint that I thought that I saved on for the proper finish.

Wish me luck!

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