We are meant to have an abundant life of purpose but many people fall short of living a full life because of fear. Fear makes us play small and doubt who we are, because of the broken record of lies that we tell ourselves. Many of us make so many excuses for why we can’t do what we want to do in life. We let the negative chatter take hold of our thoughts. We ask ourselves questions like, “Who am I to play big in this world? Why should I achieve my dream?” My message to you today is that we serve a BIG God. We are children of the Most High God! You are meant to play big and be bold!


If you seek to make yourself feel better by spending your way to happiness – buying things to adorn your outward appearance to please others and being a slave to people’s expectations, then you will never live the life that you are supposed to live – a life of abundance and true happiness. The tragedy of this is that you will rob yourself of your divine assignment and of your chance to change the world.

Unfortunately while you are playing small, seeking happiness in places where it doesn’t exist then, as Dr. Shante Bishop of the Branding for Believers Podcast likes to say, “Team Ratchet (i.e the housewives and other reality stars)” are unapologetically stepping out, being bold and promoting their brands. They are the women who end up portrayed in the media as the ones to watch.

Here’s the BIG BOLD question….Where are you? Get from behind fear and tell fear to get behind you because you are meant to be front and center. You have an amazing message of positivity and empowerment! If you don’t step up and own your purpose, you will always live in a state of wonder plus the people you’re supposed to serve and bless with your talents won’t get delivered. Can you really have that on your conscious? Don’t let God’s creation go to waste.

What are you going to do differently today? How will you shape the world?

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