So I’m starting off a new series called FNPhenomenal Woman.  This is a series that I am doing monthly to take the conversations that we have as women that are empowering, informative, and fun and bringing them to the world. In the spirit of Maya Angelou’s poem Phenomenal Woman, I want to showcase how phenomenal we are and that we have something unique and amazing to bring to the world.  These conversations will occur in two forms.  The first form is an interview with the current month’s FNPhenomenal Woman, and then the second part is a Google Hangout!

To kick this series off, I selected Jacqueline Baker who is not only a good friend of mine and frequent collaborator, she is also a woman who I admire and look up to given what she has been able to accomplish with Scarlet Communications.  Jacqueline is a woman who helps to hold me accountable to achieve the goals that I would want to achieve in FNPhenomenal (Frugal –n– Phenomenal).

Enjoy the interview and be sure to join us over at the Google Hangout!


What do you do and why is it important? 

I teach modern etiquette. The way you treat people matters and etiquette will advance your life in ways that education and connections will not.

What would you tell your younger self? 

I would say two things:

  • Everything always works itself out when you have good intentions.
  • Sacrifice the unnecessary for the necessary.

What is the single best piece of advice that you have learned? 

Don’t waste too much time agonizing over a decision. If you made a bad decision, just choose to make another decision.

How did you get the courage to step out and live your authentic self by pursing your passion? 

I grew up with a childhood of inconsistencies. Although it seems like a disadvantage on the surface, it has built a high tolerance for (calculated) risk and the ability to be comfortable with taking a chance on the things that I believe in.

I genuinely believe that teaching modern etiquette to current and future leaders is one of the many things that I am here to do.

Who do you look up to and why?

  • My husband Marc Baker for being morally charismatic.
  • My aunt, Portland Works (guardian) for her resilience.
  • My sister, Lakisha Cugliari, for her selflessness.
  • My cousin, Derrick Register for his work ethic.

What are your guiding principles? 

  • You’re not on earth alone. Act like it.
  • You’ve learned a few things along your life journey. Don’t let other people that come behind you have to start from scratch. Give them the cliff notes that you’ve compiled.
  • Hard work is the only way your dreams become reality.

What does the word “phenomenal” mean to you? 

Embracing and acting on YOUR magic.

How do you stay aligned with your passion/purpose?

Reminding myself of what I’ve accomplished often.

Reminding myself of what I can accomplish often.

What is one key money principle that you live your life by?

I can get 10 of those (whatever it is) for that overpriced _______….

When you think of frugal, what do you think and how do you do what you love, and look great and still watch your money?

Being mindful of your purchases and expenditures. The clothes, shoes, purse, jewelry, don’t make you. You make them!

What is your favorite book and why?

My favorite book is “Bootleg” by Damon Wayans. I know that it sounds crazy.  Besides it being pure hilariousness, the short stories resonated with me because of my short attention span and helped me to be comfortable with embracing me as I was with little to no changes.

Jacqueline founded Scarlet Communications to provide consulting and coaching in the areas of etiquette and employee engagement. She strategically works to create solutions and discover opportunities that will further the growth of organizations and arm youth, employees and executives with the critical life skills that will foster positive and productive business and personal lifestyles.  The mission of Scarlet is to provide individuals and organizations with etiquette and protocol preparation and life skills that will engage, enlighten and empower. 

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