This month’s FNPhenomenal Woman is Ebony Rutherford of Trish’s Garage.   I met her at my book launch party in early 2014, and I loved her energy and spirit.  She is such an amazing entrepreneur and I’m so excited to feature her as February’s FNPhenomenal Woman.

1. What do you do and why is it important?

I am the owner of Trish’s Garage. We focus on working from the inside out. We have locally sourced merchandise and styling services to help create a unique look.  Clothing should be an extension of yourself, and it should never make or break you. You inner personality is what makes the clothes magic.

2. What would you tell your younger self?

Save money, and be confident.


 3. What is the single best piece of advice that you have learned? 

Fail faster.

 4. How did you get the courage to step out and live your authentic self by pursing your passion? 

Having a plan and working that plan. If you know where you are going, the challenge doesn’t seem as difficult and your able to make better/confident decisions.

 5. Who do you look up to and why?

I look up to my ex boyfriend. He challenged me to do and want more. He allowed me to fail, and he showed me what courage really looks like.

 6. What are your guiding principles?  

Do unto others as you would do unto you.

7. What does the word “phenomenal” mean to you?  

Having the extraordinary power to be yourself, when its so easy to be like everyone else and think like everyone else.

8. How do you stay aligned with your passion/purpose? 

I don’t! LOL.  I continue to grow mentally and spiritually and let that guide me. I’m passionate with serving people and helping people. I have to trust that everything happens for reason.

9. What is one key money principle that you live your life by?

Have a budget and stick with it.

 10. When you think of frugal, what do you think and how do you do what you love, and look great and still watch your money?

Frugal=creative. So I’m just more creative then the average person. Feeling great comes from within and I understand that its more to life then money. I do what I love first, and then the money will follow.

11. What is your favorite book and why?   

How to make friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie.  Customer service and communicating with everyone is essential to personal and professional growth.


Ebony Rutherford

Ebony Rutherford Bio

The founder, creator, creative mastermind, visionary and head seamstress behind Trish’s Garage is Ebony Rutherford. Her love for sewing, handmade goods, fashion and t-shirts (she love loves them) have melded together to form one of Detroit’s top up and coming small businesses. Learning to sew at the age of 16, Ebony has always had a unique eye for fashion and is able to look at any vintage item or thrift shop t-shirt and see the amazing possibilities in its upcycling. She believes that all body types are beautiful and that the right top and accessories can make a woman’s world light up. Her personal style is cute, sexy and playful, pairing absolutely anything with the right t-shirt.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram- @trishsgarage


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