FNPhenomenal Woman is a series that I am doing to take the conversations that we have that are empowering, informative, and fun and bringing them to the world. In the spirit of Maya Angelou’s poem Phenomenal Woman, I want to showcase how phenomenal we are and that we have something unique and amazing to bring to the world.

I chose Crystal Cole because I love her message about empowering women, especially moms to be their best selves and be an awesome mom.  Did I mention that she looks fab doing it???  She is absolutely amazing about promoting, uplifting, and congratulating other women because she wants to see everyone win.  Now that is FNPhenomenal!!

Check out Crystal’s interview below.

What do you do and why is it important?

I am an encourager to women. I could say I host empowerment events, workshops, business seminars, coach…etc, but ultimately encouragement is what I do; the activities are merely the tools utilized to facilitate the purpose. It is important to understand the “WHY”, the reason you started your business or host your events. My reason for all that I do is to provide women with tools to help them grow and reach self-actualization and happiness. Self-actualization is a difficult process. Most people spend most of their lives living substandard; for me, it is important to pull out the “Beautiful Beast” in women because women make the world go around. We are the nurtures, up lifters, mothers, sisters, gentle spirits that God created to help man and everything thing else on earth flourish. Therefore, if we are not living our best selves, we do the world, our families, our communities, a great injustice and everything is off track.

What would you tell your younger self?

Don’t worry, this pain will birth great purpose!

What is the single best piece of advice that you have learned?

You reap what you sow. You can’t harvest a great crop when you are planting bad seed in wretched soil. This philosophy is true for business, parenting, relationships, money affairs. EVERYTHING.

How did you get the courage to step out and live your authentic self by pursing your passion?

NOT doing what I was called to do was way more uncomfortable than the fear of stepping into entrepreneurship. I was way too big for the box I was in, so I just jumped!

What are your guiding principles?

My guiding principles are always give glory and praise to God, even in the uncomfortable situations. Always be kind and try to see the goodness in people or the pain that makes them who they are; that way you can always be in a place of compassion. Strive to be balanced in all areas.

What does the word “phenomenal” mean to you?

Phenomenal means being a “Beautiful Beast” someone who gets up no matter what knocks them down, Phenomenal is staying humble, taking care of yourself, being a good person towards others, always doing your best, and honoring whom all your blessings flow….oh and being fly while doing it! lol

What is your best advice for moms?

Always do the best you can; as long as you do that you’ll be fine. Take care of self mentally, physically, and spiritually; happy healthy mom = happy healthy household and kids!

How do you stay aligned with your passion/purpose?

I check myself often by asking “Will what I am doing impact who I want it to impact, how I want it to impact them, and if it aligns with my divinely ordered purpose?”

What is one key money principle that you live your life by?

Be smart with money and don’t see money as what makes or will make you happy. Money is a tool and is not the end all to happiness.

When you think of frugal, what do you think and how do you do what you love, and look great and still watch your money?

I love to be savvy when it comes to money. I often find décor or outfit ideas and recreate the looks on a smaller budget. When you’re an entrepreneur and mom, balling on a budget is a way of life!

What is your favorite book and why?

My favorite book is the Bible. Honestly I have read several business books and self-development books but here recently, I have really fallen in love with the word of God. It’s so intricate, elegant, and actually relatable to all things we go through in life. My favorite is when God says I am beautifully and wonderfully made! I’m like shoot I was the bomb before I even took my first breath!


Crystal Cole is the Founder of Model Mom Inc. and Goal Friends LLC.

Model Mom Inc. a supportive community that helps women, specifically mothers, all over the world transform their lives through the power of personal development and entrepreneurship.

As a certified Happiness Coach, she provides high-level training, coaching and mentoring for women who want to be happy and successful; mind, body, and spirit.

Instagram (personal) @modelcm

Instagram @modelmomz @goalfriends


Periscope: modelmomz




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