On Tuesday, April 1st I had the pleasure of chatting with Girls of Royalty Founder, Genesis Dorsey, on Google Hangout to kick off their month-long event Faith N’ Finance.  We talked about faith, self-worth, confidence, and personal finance.  The response from the viewers was amazing! I shared my story and knowledge about a variety of topics including:


  • Should single people shop at a warehouse store like Costco, Sam’s Club, and/or BJ’s?  Is it truly cost effective?
  • “What are some of the top budgeting apps or software to assist us with this journey?”
  • “How do you truly set up a budget plan & stick to it?”
  • “What are some creative ways to save?”
  • “How can someone who doesn’t have an income save money?”
  • “How do I keep my personal budgeting; food, clothes, outings, etc. organized and easy to follow?”
  • “As a mother and wife, how can I save money for an emergency fund, but still buy things like shoes for growing kids and other necessities at the same time.  It seems absolutely impossible!  Please help!” [P.S. Listen to me talk about what my mother did to save money and invest in our future!

Click here to check out the interview to learn the answers to these questions.  There are definitely many golden nuggets in this interview that can help you to start your own financial and life transformation immediately.

Be sure to comment to let me know what you learned.

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