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l  These interviews are motivational, but also include practical advice on how to structure your life for success, financial management tips, and techniques to teach your children about finances.  We are all in this journey together.  My hope is to highlight other moms, share best practices, and in turn provide hope, encouragement, and motivation to help you to succeed and to define your own phenomenal.

Check out Najah’s interview below.

What do you do (entrepreneur, career, etc.) and why is it important?

I was recently appointed the role of Counselor with the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals

Can you please share a story/testimonial about when you didn’t think that you would make it, but yet you still overcame that adversity?

Two years ago my children’s father was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in federal prison (nothing that I am proud nor ashamed of). Right before this ordeal we both agreed that I would resign from my full-time job to finish my studies. Not only did my boys have their father snatched away from them, I lost my significant other and a major component in my support system. I was so depressed my grades drastically dropped and I contemplated dropping out of school and returning to Corporate America to support my family. It took a lot of prayer and regrouping but I was determined to graduate.  I began to refocus (repeated a few classes) and May 13, 2016, I walked across the stage officially becoming a Southern University A&M College alumna. #DELAYEDNOTDENIED!

What would you tell your younger self that would have been instrumental during your journey?

Finish everything you set out to do.  It is not how you begin, but how you finish.

finish everything you do

How can single moms be great moms and still pursue their dreams and goals?

Stay actively involved in your children’s lives and activities. Balance it out as best as possible.  If they are old enough to understand, keep them in the loop of what you are pursuing. They will become some of your biggest motivators and encouragers.

What does the word “phenomenal” mean to you?

Above ordinary or not like the average/typical.

What is your best advice for moms?

Never lose yourself completely. Always find some ME time (i.e. a manicure, massage or movie date with friends) or go somewhere relaxing where you can unwind or vent when needed.

What is one key money or budgeting principle that you live your life by?

Always save a percentage of your income for a rainy day – even if it is only 2% of each paycheck.  It’ll eventually come in handy.

SIngle mom financial advice: always save a percentage of your income - even if it is not a lot

Who do you look up to and why?

My father, he is passionate about what he does and what he stands for. He never allows situations or circumstances to overwhelm him.

What are your guiding principles?

I believe God has the final say in everything. I believe in the ability to forgive and the age old saying hard work pays off.

How do you stay aligned with your passion/purpose?

I only take advice from those who are doing bigger / better things than me. I try to keep positive peers close to me and steer clear of negative people and environments.

Blog Cover Photo Najah

What is the single best piece of advice that you have learned?


How do you do what you love, provide for your children, and look great, and still watch your money?

I have very active kids who are in competitive dance, basketball, and baseball.   Between all of the practice, I have to keep up with them.  Therefore, I try to exercise at least twice a week, drink lots of water, and READ.  I read all the time, and I read all types of literature.   When I do shop, I love to find a  great bargain.

How do you teach your child(ren) about money?

They earn an allowance by completing household chores and displaying good behavior / grades in school. This allows them to value a dollar.  If everything is given to them, they will never appreciate the effort it took to earn it.

How to teach your children about money as a single mom and not feel bad about it

What is your favorite book and why?

I don’t have a favorite book.  I read almost anything I can put my hands on including newspapers, periodicals, magazines, online blogs, business journals, novels, the Bible, and lots of literature.

I hope that Najah’s interview shows you just what is possible!

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About Najah

Najah Freeman is a Single Mom of 4 who graduated from Souther A&M and is featured on xoNecoleI am a mother to 4 children and 1 Yorkie (Jake From Statefarm). I recently earned my Bachelor’s Degree from the world renowned HBCU Southern University A&M College, I will pursue my MBA in Marketing this fall. I am proud of everything I endured to get here the ups the downs the setbacks and blessings.




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