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Dr. Jinneh shares her journey on how she successfully battled depression and losing everything to becoming a PhD, national speaker, and successful business owner.  She shares her story of eliminating debt, creating new habits, and transforming into the person who God has called her to be.  My favorite quote in this podcast is, “The lesson will repeat itself until the lesson is learned.”  Be prepared to be inspired, learn some money management tips, and how to create the habits and the thoughts that you need to show up in excellence everyday.


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About Jinneh Dyson

Dr. Jinneh teaches people how to Think UP and develop healthy mental habits.  Many people are stuck on past pains, hurts, failures, and their own limitations that they cannot see their future or the possibilities and opportunities that wait.  They define their worth by what they have experienced, rather than who they have been created to be.  They negate their future by focusing on their current state or past challenges.

So, she teaches people how to think beyond their situation, beyond their limitations, and beyond their pain by creating their future in their thoughts.   She starts with the end in mind and then focuses on helping her clients to transform their thoughts and actions.  She believes that we are all ONE habit away from greatness, so she helps people to identify the ONE habit that is blocking or inhibiting their ability to live on purpose, start that business, let go of the past, or simply be who they were called to be.  She works with clients to eliminate negative habits, adopt positive habits, and create a simple and succinct “Mind map” to help them achieve greatness.

About the Host

Aisha Taylor is a financial freedom expert who brings a modern and fresh twist to wealth consciousness.  Although Aisha had been well instructed in how to manage money, she fell into the trap of “keeping up with the Joneses” and had to develop a positive relationship with money in order to learn how to gain control of her spending, develop of blueprint for her life, put herself on the path towards financial freedom while still sustaining a high quality of life. Aisha’s true passion, however, lies in making a significant impact on the world community and is committed to changing lives daily by helping women to become phenomenal.

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