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In this episode, Gail Perry-Mason stops by the Live Phenomenal Podcast to share her journey from starting as an administrative assistant to becoming an officer at a Wall Street Bank.  She attributes most of her success towards servant leadership, caring about other people’s lives, and hard work.  During this episode she says, “You never have met a broke giver.”  Tune in to learn some key money tips, but also learn why giving and serving are important to abundant living.


Podcast Highlights

  • Gail on consumerism: They were the owners and I wanted to wear it but I was broke (Timestamp 4:50)
  • The two things that successful people have –  licenses and own things (Timestamp 5:30)
  • Gail shares her story of overcoming the odds when people told her that she couldn’t do it (Timestamp 6:14)
  • Listen to the 3 things that Gail says are the most important things that she has learned (Timestamp 15:57)
  • Importance of more than one avenue of income (Timestamp 20:41)
  • Gail’s definition of being phenomenal without breaking the bank (Timestamp 26:20)
  • Learn where Gail gets the majority of her life and success tips (Timestamp 29:38)
  • Why gratitude is important (Timestamp 30:30)

Gail Perry Mason’s Bio

Gail Perry MasonGail Perry-Mason, of Detroit, has come a long way, from foster care to caring for others.  Gail is a respected authority in the financial industry. And now she can add bestselling author to her list of accomplishments. And it’s her years of experience coupled with her down to earth but also down to business style that has made her a sought after speaker and presenter. She regularly addresses capacity crowds educating people on financial literacy and has conducted financial training sessions and workshops for companies such as DaimlerChrysler, IBM and Wells Fargo. Her regular national speaking engagements include keynote addresses at the University of Notre Dame and at the NAACP Image Awards Women’s Reception.  Gail’s wisdom also hits the airwaves and she co-hosted an award-winning talk show entitled “Building Wealth,” via radio broadcast on MIX 92.3 and a television broadcast on Comcast Cable. She has appeared on national outlets such as BET, Fox News, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, and NPR Radio. Gail was also recently a featured financial speaker at the 2014 Essence Women’s Festival.

Ms. Perry-Mason is a prolific published writer and has written articles for local and national print media. She has been featured in many publications including:  Ebony, Black Enterprise, On Wall Street, Research Magazine, Quick and Simple-Good Housekeeping Magazine, Essence, Jet, Free Press and Detroit News, Signature Magazine, Corp!, Washington Post and by the Associated Press.

While juggling her demanding career in the financial industry and public appearances, Gail found the time to write and publish her first book, Money Matters for Families, which served as a manual for the employees at DaimlerChrysler on managing finances.  The book is geared at families and focuses on the critical elements for building a strong financial foundation.  It sold out of its original printing in the first year and is currently out of print.  Gail’s second book, Girl, Make Your Money Grow, written with co-author Glinda Bridgforth was a national best seller.  Glinda and the book were featured on Oprah’s Debt Diet.

Gail recognizes the necessity of teaching youth the importance of money management and she founded the original Money Camp for Teens and the first youth investment club.  Each year, Gail hosts Money Matters for Youth which has instructed over 6,000 young people in the Detroit-Metro area and mentored over 25 young women who are now professionals in the financial industry.  Currently, Gail is conducting a program in the Detroit Public Schools that teaches financial literacy and outlines the steps to entrepreneurship. Gail is extremely visible and active in her community.  She served as Chairperson for the Tavis Smiley Youth to Leaders Program in Detroit and was honored for her work with Mr. Smiley at a benefit in Los Angeles. Gail is also an honorary member of Elliottorian Business and Professional Women’s Club and  a member of The Links, Incorporated.  She is currently on the boards of the Detroit Music Hall, Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice, the Nevada Women’s Money Council, and Morgan State University.

Gail has received numerous awards, including honors from Ford Motor Company, Michigan Women’s Foundation, New Detroit Inc.,  AKA Sorority and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Gail was honored as Michigan’s Local Hero Award by Bank of America, with the Community Role Model Award from Alternatives for Girls, and the Economic Empowerment Award from 100 Black Men for her work in the community. She was also named as one of Michigan’s Top 10 Business Women by the National Association of Business Women Owner’s in 2007 and received the Community Service Award from the Michigan Women’s Foundation.  Gail was named Phenomenal Business Woman of the Year, and was given an award from the former Governor of Michigan for fundraising for Non-Profit Organizations, and was named a Community Ambassador by the Governor of Michigan. Gail is also a mother of three terrific sons.  Her mottos are “Success Benefits Others First” and “Opportunity Doesn’t Happen Without Sharing.”

About the Host

Aisha Taylor is a financial freedom expert who brings a modern and fresh twist to wealth consciousness.  Although Aisha had been well instructed in how to manage money, she fell into the trap of “keeping up with the Joneses” and had to develop a positive relationship with money in order to learn how to gain control of her spending, develop of blueprint for her life, put herself on the path towards financial freedom while still sustaining a high quality of life. Aisha’s true passion, however, lies in making a significant impact on the world community and is committed to changing lives daily by helping women to become phenomenal.

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