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Don’t be afraid to thrive and stand out.  Allow yourself to live in your gifts, talents, and purpose.  However, if you truly want to be phenomenal and operate in excellence, then you need to be prepared.  In this episode, Aaja talks about how you can use your wardrobe and confidence to stand out from the crowd to maximize your life to pursue excellence.


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Podcast Highlights

  • Timestamp 5:00 – Surround yourself with peers and mentors who can groom and grow you.  Learn about Aaja’s thoughts on mentors and how to get a mentor.
  • Timestamp 9:56 –  Don’t think you’re qualified for that next level?  Learn how Aaja recommends that you overcome that fear.
  • Timestamp 12:10 – There is a difference between constructive criticism and a hater.
  • Timestamp 15:00 – Know your worth.  Learn how this impacts your credibility and opportunities available to you.
  • Timestamp 17:10 – Dress how you want to be addressed.  Learn how to do this affordably and uniquely.
  • Timestamp 19:14 – Maximizing Your Wardrobe on a Budget
  • Timestamp 23:42 – Aaja’s favorite tools and pointers for success

Aaja Corinne’s Bio

Aaja Corinne Magee Headshot - Biz Aaja Corinne is the inspirational voice of the Millennial Generation – inspiring hope, activating purpose, creating change, and empowering entrepreneurs for success in the marketplace. Specializing in image branding and transformation, she helps executives, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs to shape brand perception through presentation, and maximize their brand power in an ever-changing business climate.

Aaja Corinne, a Chicago-native, is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts degree in fashion studies. She has been featured in Jet Magazine, Today’s Chicago Woman Magazine, as well as on WVON 1690AM.  She was also featured on Sprite P.O.U.R. (Purveyors of Urban Reality) Reports, where she was called “the ultimate fashion and branding guru in Chicago.”

Aaja Corinne garners her business savvy from nearly a decade in the fashion retail industry, having worked for top-tier companies such as Neiman Marcus, Coach, and Nike, and most recently, in the beauty/consumer goods industry as the Associate Brand/Social Media Manager of Fashion Fair Cosmetics.  Throughout her career, she has serviced a growing list of notables including Grammy award-winning artist Babyface; ABC news anchor Cheryl Burton; America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17 contestant Bianca Golden; 107.5 WGCI radio personalities Demi Lobo and Loni Swain; and Illinois State Senator Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins, 5th District. In addition, Aaja Corinne has credits as assistant stylist in “Standout Style: The Shopping + Style Guide for Real Women,” the 2012 debut release from award-winning wardrobe coach and owner of Standout Style Boutique, Tamika Maria Price.

As part of her personal mission to inspire, impact and influence, Aaja Corinne created the She’s In Color Women Empowerment Campaign (SIC) to serve as the philanthropic initiative under her brand. SIC dispels the negative images of women in media today by highlighting women of substance and creating a platform for them to shine within our communities.

Aaja Corinne is also the creator of The #Maximize Movement, an entrepreneurship empowerment campaign for those seeking to experience an increase in their lives through the practical application of Kingdom principles.  With an eye for all things beautiful and a focus on empowering her community.  Aaja Corinne has created a brand that allows others to enrich their lives, conquer new territories, and commit to being great on purpose.

My Mantra: “You are not defined by titles; you are defined by purpose.”

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Instagram: @AajaCorinne

Twitter: @AajaCorinne

Facebook: /AajaCorinneTheBrand

YouTube: /AajaCorinneTheBrand

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