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How often do you struggle with fear or limiting beliefs?  Do you ever think that you should be further along than you are right now?  Asha Tyson, a world-renowned success coach, stops by the Live Phenomenal Podcast to share her keys to having a successful life.  In this interview she talks about how to manage through fear, putting your best foot forward at all times, and even why being phenomenal means not spending a lot of money.  As a bonus, to help you to stop worrying about the future, she also tells us why living in the moment enables us to have a better life and slows down the aging process. Listen in to learn more!

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Podcast Highlights

  • If you have fear, then ask yourself, “If I did not have all of this knowledge about what wasn’t possible then what could I do?”
  • Someone who can catapult you to the next level is always watching, so it’s important to always look your best, act with integrity and act according to your value system.
  • Show up in excellence at all time.
  • Phenomenal means that you are committed to honoring the things that you said that you would be about.  It’s about finishing.
  • When you focus and enjoy the journey itself, it slows down the aging process.
  • If you think you have to break the bank to be phenomenal, then you have to adjust your mindset.
  • People are impressed with people who are comfortable in their own skin.  Therefore, you can get away with not spending a lot of money.

Asha Tyson’s Bio

FNPhenomenal Interview With Asha TysonHer own rise from homelessness to prominence deems her an expert on personal success. Born the only child to a single mother who was dying from Sickle Cell Anemia presented significant challenges. Although her mother had good intentions, her life deteriorated right before her young daughter’s eyes leaving Asha with no one. Having no place to go and no support system, at the age of 17 Asha lived abandoned and forgotten — homeless until she was able to secure shelter in the basement of a church. As a child, her restless energy and the failure of adults to recognize her phenomenal abilities resulted in her being labeled ” a problem child”.

Although others had given up on her, she didn’t see failure as an option for her life. Having a “D” grade average in high school, being tortured by peers and even repeated beatings and sexual abuse could not steal her hopes and crush her spirit. With no connections, no mentors and only $80 dollars in her pocket, Asha went to college, financed her own education, and obtained both Bachelor and Master degrees in Political Science and Public Administration all in record time. Through persistence and determination, this first generation college graduate immediately launched a professional career as a higher education executive. After leaving the workforce, Asha owned and operated a thriving franchise then retired at the tender age of 26!

In her book , “How I Retired at 26!”, Tyson reveals the secrets of this proven success formula by offering you an easy-to-understand blueprint to creating your own life of freedom and wealth at any age no matter what!

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