The summer time can be a very hectic time.  The long days gives us more time to enjoy daylight hours.  The beautiful weather, especially for those of us who get a lot of snow in the winter, makes us want to be outside, pack our social calendar, and maximize the day.  Let’s not forget that the kids are not in school.  We think that summer is supposed to be relaxing, but with all of this running around, traveling, and packing out our day the summer can be very draining.  Don’t allow yourself to get lost in the summertime shuffle.  Take some time to yourself to regroup and rejuvenate your spirit. [more…]

  • Before you wake up do not reach for your phone.  A little while ago I modified my morning routine.  I used to wake up and grab my phone to check emails, text messages, and social media.  By the time I got out of bed, my brain was already swirling with thoughts of what I had to do that day and the next few days.  Now, instead of reaching for my phone with the exception to check the time, I read my daily devotional, read a chapter of the Bible, sit in quiet reflection, and then pray.  This allows me to take time to myself and decide what I need to accomplish that day.  That quiet time first thing in the morning really sets the pace for the rest of the day.
  • Sleep in.  If you don’t have anything to do on a weekend, then take the time to sleep in and not feel guilty about it.  So often we push ourselves to the point of exhaustion, and it’s just nice to be able to give our minds and bodies a break.
  • Take advantage of outdoor relaxation activities.  If there is an outdoor yoga class offered in your neighborhood, then join in the fun.  If it’s free then even better.  Alternatively if you can stream the yoga session on an ipad then you can practice in your backyard.  Exercising can also be very relaxing.  If you live near the waterfront, then either jog or walk along the water and take advantage of the scenery.
  • Daily journaling.  This is one of my favorite things to do.  Journaling helps me to clear my mind and reflect on the day.  For example, sometimes when I don’t complete everything that I had planned, I feel like I failed for the day.  However, journaling helps me to realize just how much I have done, and it helps me to practice gratitude and re-evaluate my priorities and what needs to happen the following day.  It’s just an amazing way to clear my thoughts so that I can make room for new ones.
  • Read a good book.  Getting lost in the story of a good book can relieve stress and allow your imagination to run wild.  It takes you away from your present situation and just transports you somewhere else.  If you can grab a lawn chair and read outside or walk to the beach to read then even better.  It’ll further allow you to enjoy the summer without the stress.
  • Take time to do whatever you want to do.  Often times we are so busy saying yes to other people that we end up saying no to ourselves.  Take the time to say yes to yourself and treat yourself by just getting lost in the day doing whatever you want.  Remember to keep it frugal by first looking into free activities like watching an outdoor movie in the park, taking a stroll, visiting a museum, etc.  Think about what you love to do that doesn’t involve spending a ton of money and then do it.  You can even make a game out of it by seeing how much you can do during the day for $10-$15.

Which of these strategies resonated with you the most?  How will you slow things down in the summer so that you don’t wear yourself out?  Be sure to leave a comment to let me know!

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