It’s back to school time, and many parents are roaming the aisles of stores around the country to buy new school supplies and clothes.  Although, this is an exciting time of year, it can also be very expensive. I saw the school supplies list for my goddaughter and I cringed. I couldn’t believe that my friend had to buy all of that stuff. I definitely don’t remember school shopping being that intense when I was a kid! If you are a little nervous about how to effectively shop, don’t worry because I will provide a few tips in this post to help guide you.

If you are going to go shopping the first thing that you need to do is to prepare before you shop. Take inventory of the stuff that you still have. If there is anything that you can reuse from the year before, then definitely do that. You may want to start the year off right with a fresh box of crayons, but do you need fresh everything?  Can you reuse the backpack from the previous year?  If you take inventory of what you have, then you can cross a few items off of the school supplies list before you even get to the store!  How is that for savings?

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