Imagine this… You are told that you can only keep 8 articles of clothing in your closet.  You can’t take anything else, but you can mix and match your outfits with endless shoes and accessories.  Can you do it?  Are you up for the challenge?  Well, that’s what my blogger girls and I decided to do.  At the Get Radical Conference, Jacqueline, T. Espinoza, Tonya, and I we were inspired by Jean Chatzky’s “sixperiement,” a challenge where she wore only six items for 30 days.  We decided to create a challenge of our own.  However, choosing only six items was pretty daunting so we allowed ourselves to choose eight.

At the time eight items seemed like way more than six, however, once the time came to make final decisions, we found ourselves discussing the definition of a clothing item.  Does a blazer count?  Does a cardigan count as clothing?

Day 1

Day 1

We also found ourselves asking if we could increase the number of items because eight seemed too low.  We asked ourselves if we could increase the number of items to 10 because we hadn’t yet publically rolled out the challenge.

Day 2

Day 2

Our excitement turned to minor groans as we questioned our sanity for doing this.  We were literally going through the 7 stages of grief in a group email chat!  However, we were determined to Get Radical, stick to the eight items, and also test our own creativity.  By the way, I might need the girls to leave a comment to let me know what we decided on that bonus blazer or cardigan, but I digress.

Day 3 #8for30 Style Challenge

Day 3 #8for30 Style Challenge


I’m on Day 4, and honestly I’m wondering how I am going to make it the rest of the 26 days without feeling like a repetitive bore.  The other problem I’m facing is washing the clothes!  Seriously I can’t go to the dry cleaner every other day!  Thank goodness for in-home dry cleaning kits!

Day 4 Outfit

Day 4 Outfit

Despite all of this, I’m so excited.  I’ve never done anything like this before, so I’m eager to see how creative I can be.  It’s also fun to see everyone else’s outfits.  One of the other things that I’m excited about it showing so many women that they are not defined by the clothes that they wear.  It’s possible to thrive on a limited wardrobe.

So the next time you stare into your closet and say that you have nothing to wear, just remember the 8 for 30 Style Challenge.  You have way more than you thought you did!

If you have what it takes, be sure to join the 8 for 30 Style Challenge Facebook page to join the challenge.  If you want to be a spectator, that’s cool too.  Just join the page and keep up with everyone’s fashion.  However, I encourage you to stretch yourself, and try the challenge.  Growth happens when you get a little uncomfortable and do something different.

Check out how we are doing by following us on social media:

Me:  @FNPhenomenal

T. Espinoza: @ TheStyleMedic

Tonya: @Financially_Fab

Jacqueline: @magicaljax

Be sure to let me know what you can’t live without and if you are up for the challenge!

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