Picture this… You’re walking through the store, and you see the perfect sweater. Immediately, your mouth starts to water a little, and you get that impulsive, “I gotta have it NOW” feeling. Think about how hard it is to walk away from a situation like that. The difficulty in walking away is even harder if the sweater is on sale. In this situation, you are brave enough to walk out the store without buying. (I’m proud of you.)

Picture this other scenario, where your favorite magazine comes in the mail. That familiar feeling starts to come.   Your mouth starts to water, your heart beats a little faster, and you start to get that similar “I gotta have it NOW feeling.” The ad is looking amazing, and you really can start to see that gorgeous sweater on you. Hey, you may even be thinking about the shoes that would go perfectly with it. The only difference, is this time, you can’t walk out the store, because you are looking at a magazine article in your house. That’s scary, right?

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