The Apple iPhone just was released and there were lines around the corner of fans who just had to have the newest phone. I know a few people who were trying to get off of work early so they could go purchase the new phone. Many of the people who I know who upgraded had working iPhones and their iPhone model wasn’t outdated, but the allure of a new phone made them want to buy. To be honest, the frenzy around the new phone excited me too, I thought about buying a new one initially. However, I decided to stick with my phone (including the small crack on the screen and all), because I didn’t want to sign a new contract. Since I’m not on contract, I’m able to save about $20 on my monthly bill.

  • If I let my contract expire, how much will I save per month? A few phone carriers will pass along the savings to customers who are not on contract. The theory behind this is that the carrier will not have to subsidize the cost of a new phone, therefore they pass along the savings to the customers. For me, if I upgraded my phone, I would have to pay $200 for the cost of the new phone and I would give up my $20/month bill credit. At the end of the day, it just wasn’t worth it financially to carry a new phone. This is especially true since I have a 5c, and it was new enough in my eyes.

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photo credit: Stefan Baudy via photopin cc

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