Two weeks ago I attended the Unleash Your Incredible Conference hosted by Darnyelle Jervey in Reston, VA.  This conference was a one–of–a–kind transformational experience.  If you haven’t been to it, I strongly encourage you to attend next year.  Because I am committed to working on my phenomenal, and I am committed to sharing my learning with you, I wrote this blog post to share the top 5 lessons that I learned at Unleash Your Incredible.  Enjoy the lessons, and be sure to leave a message in the comments to let me know which lesson(s) resonated with you.

Lesson 1: Understand what is most important to you.

All of the conference attendees were asked to rank the following things in their life according to how we value them: God, Business, Yourself, Family, Vacation, and Education.  Honestly, I had an epiphany when I ranked my items in order.  I was not spending my time according to the things that I valued.  Since the conference I’ve been making a conscious effort to align my time with the things that I value.  I strongly encourage you to rank those 6 items in order.  Please share your learning in the comments.


Lesson 2: It’s okay to express your faith in your business.

One of the things that I love about Darnyelle is that she is not afraid to express her faith in God.  As a believer, my faith is important to me, but sometimes I struggle with how much to express.  Being at the Unleash event was like a revival, and yet it was inclusive.  There were people from all different religions and they felt comfortable in the room and shared their beliefs even though Darnyelle is Christian.  From the beginning there was an environment of love and acceptance regardless of belief system, which made everyone comfortable.  I learned that it is all about how you communicate and set expectations for openness, acceptance, and tolerance.

Lesson 3:  Understand your personal vision and let that guide you.

Your personal mission and vision statement serves as a map that helps to guide your life and decisions.  Therefore, it is imperative that you understand your vision and mission for your life.  This will help you to understand if your actions and decisions are aligned with the goals for your life.  It’s definitely worth taking the time to get clear.  If you have a business, then you should also develop a mission and vision for your business.

Lesson 4: Don’t let your talents die with you.  The time is now.

One theme from the conference participants was the concept of birthing your dream.  When you were formed in your mother’s womb, you were gifted with talents and a purpose.  Once you get clear on your purpose, take inventory of your talents.  How can those talents be used to promote your purpose?  You are unique and you are phenomenal.  Don’t let those talents die.  The time is now.  When you step into your purpose, you will not only change your life, but someone else’s as well.

Lesson 5:  You cannot welcome abundance if you are afraid.

“Fear is created by your ego to keep you in your ‘comfort zone’”. – D. Jervey.

Fear is a lie that will keep you trapped in your now, and stop you from walking into your destiny.  When you are trying new things, you will be scared, but do it anyway.  You have to break through the fear if you ever want to get to your phenomenal and be the person who you were meant to be.  

Bonus Lesson: Sometimes you need a success partner.

Our ego will tell us that we do not need anyone else, and that we can do it alone.  However, growth happens when you put your ego in check and understand that you need success and accountability partners who can help you to achieve your dreams.  Think about it.  If you could do it alone, then you would have already done it.  Successful business people have mentors and coaches who continuously push them to the next level.  When I stopped pretending like I had it all together, and faced my weaknesses and got the support that I needed, I was able to take my business and personal growth to the next level.  Even with FNPhenomenal, I have business coaches, accountability partners, and other people who hold me accountable to achieve what I say that I want.  Ask yourself, who do you have helping you?  If you are ready to get clarity on your next steps to clean up your finances and the mental clutter blocking you from financial freedom, please book a 20-minute clarity session with me.

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