So it’s the Memorial Day holiday and for many of us, this is a 3-day weekend.  Given the time off of work, nice weather, and desire to spend time with family and friends, it is very easy to get off track with spending.  Look, it’s ok to have fun, but you just have to be strategic.  This post will give you 3 ways to have fun celebrating Memorial Day weekend without breaking the bank.

Also, as you enjoy this weekend, be sure to take the time to honor the fallen soldiers for their sacrifice to this country and for our freedom.

1.    Have a potluck

If you are hosting a party, it is tempting to want to provide everything yourself, but that gets expensive.  It’s ok if you provide the basics, but ask your guests if they can provide beverages, paper products, dessert, or sides.  This will help you to reduce the cost of hosting your event but still allows you to celebrate.  Besides, who wants to ask for cash to offset the costs or be stressed out until the next paycheck comes?  It’s way easier to ask guests to bring food!


2.    Get strategic about the parties that you attend

It is tempting to try to “make an appearance” at all of the parties that you are invited to.  One thing I learned from a Salute to Entrepreneurs event that I host with Jacqueline Baker of Scarlet Communications is that the host appreciates it more when you are fully present at an event.  It’s poor etiquette if you are constantly checking your watch so you can move onto the next event.  When you get strategic by choosing your parties wisely and spend the time being fully present, the host appreciates you more and so does your back account.  You will save money on gas and on multiple BBQ contributions.  Think about it.  If you bring a $10 bottle of wine to 4 BBQs, then that costs $40.  If you add the gas costs and wear and tear on your car, then the costs keep adding up!  No, you cannot save money by skipping the BBQ contribution!

3.    Rethink your meals

Grilling chicken, steak, seafood, hot dogs, and bratwursts can get expensive.  How about switching things up?  Instead of serving meat the traditional way, how about cooking kabobs?  For example, instead of serving full grilled chicken breasts, serve chicken kabobs with summer vegetables like zucchini and squash?  This will result in a healthier, less predictable, and more frugal menu.

Please let me know which tips that you decide to use!  Whatever you use, please be sure to take the time to honor the fallen soldiers who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend and be sure to pray for the families of the soldiers who lost their lives serving this country.

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