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How to Spend Less Money, Have More Fun, and Have Less Stress This Holiday Season As A Single Mom

How to Spend Less Money, Have More Fun, and Have Less Stress This Holiday Season

In Finance

Do you struggle with the holidays (financially, emotionally, spiritually, etc.)? Are you wondering how you can make Christmas phenomenal for your children but are wondering how to do it financially? Are you hoping to navigate the holidays without the stress?   The holiday time can be stressful, sad and lonely for many people.  There can be so much pressure to find the perfect gift or create the perfect memory that the desire to make the holidays perfect can lead to stress. At one point I really struggled with the single mom guilt that impacted how I viewed the holiday (and truthfully…

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Embracing Your Journey As a Single Mom Podcast Episode

Embracing Your Journey As a Single Mom

In Faith

Have you ever felt like you were alone in your single motherhood journey and that no one understood you?  Does it sometimes feel like there isn’t anyone who you can just be real with? Well…I had been praying and asking God how I could help to show single moms that we aren’t in this by ourselves and during my prayers, the Lord told me to interview one of the moms in the Phenomenal Moms Facebook Group, RJ Rendon. Matter of fact, one day in the Facebook group RJ gave me an amazing word of inspiration that helped to motivate and…

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In this podcast episode we discuss, "Why It is Important to Pay Attention to the Small Things and How to Start Doing It."

Why It Is Important to Pay Attention to the Small Things and How to Start Doing It

In Faith

Welcome to Season 2 of the Phenomenal Moms Podcast! Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you: Avoided paying a bill or bills? Delayed a repair (home, car, appliance, etc.)? Ignored something about your health? Desired to change your diet or exercise habits, but never got around to it? So often things pop up in our lives that we need to deal with, but for many reasons, we put them off.  We put off these things because we may not have the time, money or energy to deal with it at that moment.  Or, it may not seem like a big…

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On this episode of the Phenomenal Moms with Aisha Taylor Podcast, Aisha discusses the topic, The Power of No On Your Time and Money. She talks about why no is important to both your time and money.

The Power of “No” On Your Time and Money

In Finance

Are you a single mom who is facing burnout? Are you exhausted from balancing work, motherhood, and everything else that you have to do? Are you looking to find more balance and peace in your life?   In the Season 1 finale, I discuss the topic, “The Power of “No” On Your Time and Money.” Being a mom is hard work, and being a single mom presents unique motherhood challenges.  Being a super dedicated, hands-on mom who gets everything done is important, but it is also important not to wear yourself thin.  In this podcast episode, I share the advice that I…

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3 books that helped to teach me how to pray as a single mom

3 Books That Helped To Teach Me How To Pray

In Faith

At the beginning of my prayer life, I was afraid to pray because I didn’t understand the importance of it and I felt like my prayers had to be super formal and perfect.  I was so scared that I didn’t know how to pray the right way that I didn’t. However, I used all of the books included in this post and with the completion of each book, I’ve grown more confident in my ability to pray.  Although I still use devotionals in my prayer life, I also do stand-alone prayers as well. My hope is that these books give…

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