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7 {Basically} Risk-Free Ways to Earn a Little Extra Money Without Getting A Second Job

In Entrepreneurship, Finance

As a single mom, it is extremely important to keep your income options open. One reason is, there is more financial risk and pressure because you are managing your household on one income. If you lose your job or your hours get reduced, then you could experience financial devastation. Also, if you receive child support, you want to look at child support as a bonus and not an essential to your household’s survival. What would happen to your budget or ability to pay your bills if your support doesn’t come that month? By relying on child support, you would be…

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Why You Need to Be a Good Money Mentor for Your Children

Why You Need to Be a Money Role Model For Your Children

In Faith, Finance

As a new mom, I knew that my twins would depend on me to meet their physical and emotional needs. However, I didn’t know just how much they would study, observe, and mimic me, even this early. Thus, I am very careful to model the behavior and attitude that I want to see in my children. I believe that parents understand intuitively that they need to watch what they say and how they act around their children. Think about it: When you teach your children how to eat solid foods for the first time, do you show them how you…

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Is Your Single Mom Guilt Affecting Your Kids? Your Money? Your Life?

In Faith, Finance, Phenomenal Living

Sometimes the thought of being a single mom, especially an unexpected single mom, is enough to shut down emotionally. I know because I have been there.   I am a single mom of twins and I was left during pregnancy, so I understand the deep emotional strain of becoming a surprise single mom. However, it is important to not just avoid shutting down but also not to establish bad emotional and financial habits that will impact your children. The first thing to do is to recognize that even if you feel alone, you are not.   According to the Census, 10 million…

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Now is the Time: 3 Steps to Take Before Setting Your New Year’s Resolutions

Now is the Time: 3 Steps to Take Before Setting Your New Year’s Resolutions

In Phenomenal Living

As we near the completion of 2016, it is time to start planning for 2017. Oftentimes we hear the overused phrase, “New Year’s Resolutions”. Many people like to set New Year’s Resolutions because the New Year is a great time to start over; however many of these resolutions don’t get accomplished and the New Year looks like previous years. The only way to break this cycle is to get intentional about your vision and plan for the New Year. Think of this as setting your annual plan. Just like you get an annual physical to ensure you’re healthy, I want…

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holiday-budget-101 what you do and do not need to buy for your kids

Holiday Shopping on a Budget 101: What You Do and Do Not Need to Buy for Your Kids

In Finance, Phenomenal Living

The holidays can be deeply overwhelming as a single mom. It can be difficult if money is tight and it may serve as a reminder of the other parent’s absence. Sometimes we think that it is our job to love or provide for them times two. At one point, I shared with a friend the pressure that I felt as a single mom. I felt like I had to be both parents and make up for the fact that their dad walked out. I told her that I never wanted my children to feel his absence. She told me that…

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