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How to stay sane during the summer and not go broke

How Single Moms Can Stay Sane and Not Go Broke During the Summer

In Finance

According to a survey by TODAY Parents, 44% of parents think that summer is more stressful than the rest of the year. There is another study by Seeker that shows that during the summer months stress increases because of pressure to keep children occupied, extended family time, managing busy social calendars, packed weekends, and work piling up after an extended vacation. I believe that summer vacation can be even more stressful for single moms because of the added stress of finding affordable and reliable childcare. There’s also increased financial stress from the pressure to figure out educational, enjoyable, and safe…

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Are you content to sit in your own mess-

Are You Content To Sit In Your Own Mess?

In Faith, Phenomenal

As a mom of twins, I change a lot of diapers, and often my twins are not about that diaper change life. The interesting thing is when one of the twins poops and I go to change their diaper I am met with one of the following:   A quick about face to run in the other direction A child who is flailing around to resist getting the diaper changed A child who decides to hide under the table to escape the diaper change   During this entire ordeal, I calmly explain, “it is just a quick time out and…

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God Loves Single Mothers Too- An Open Letter to Single Moms on Mother's Day

God Loves Single Mothers Too: An Open Letter to Single Moms on Mother’s Day

In Faith

I really wanted to write this post to celebrate the single moms on Mother’s Day. I think that it is extremely important because unfortunately, we can experience judgmental, condescending, and critical attitudes from others because we are single moms. Sometimes people say, “They must have done something to deserve it,” “they made a bad decision,” etc. However, in all of the criticism, these judgmental attitudes fail to address the elephant in the room – we, mothers, chose to stay and parent our children. We didn’t choose to leave. In 1 Timothy 5:8, the Bible says, “But if anyone does not…

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Lessons from the Flood- What Noah Can Teach Us About Obedience

Lessons from the Flood: What Noah Can Teach Us About Obedience

In Faith

Genesis 7 is a great chapter about the Lord’s timing, instruction, and our obedience. It starts out by saying, “When everything was ready.” (Genesis 7:1). To provide some context to that statement, I want to go back to Genesis 6 for a moment. In Genesis 6, the Lord kept warning that there would be a flood, and in the warnings, He told the people that they had 120 years before they perished in the flood. Then the Lord said, “My Spirit will not contend with humans forever, for they are mortal; their days will be a hundred and twenty years.” – Genesis 6:3 (NIV)…

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Budget Auditing- Monthly Checkup on Your Financial Health (Includes a Worksheet + Tips for the Latest Budget Hacks)

Budget Auditing: Monthly Checkup on Your Financial Health (Includes a Worksheet + Tips for the Latest Budget Hacks)

In Finance

When I say the word “budget,” some of you may cringe and want to close this browser and go about your day. However, I encourage you to keep reading because budgets aren’t bad, restrictive, or oppressive. Budgets, which I like to call your financial blueprint, are designed to help you have a framework of what you can do. Just like an architect would never build a structure without a blueprint, you should not manage your finances without a plan. This plan will help you: Design a life you can love without debt by reducing or eliminating overspending Pay bills in…

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