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How to Manage the Small Things That Arise In Life

Why The Small Things Matter + How to Handle Them

In Faith

I was participating in a mastermind group one day and my mentor shared a story about how we need to be cognizant over the small things in our lives because they can derail us. She shared two examples to illustrate her point. The difference between a motorcycle that is upright and traveling safely is a pebble, because over a certain rate of speed a small thing like a pebble hit the wrong way can result in a motorcycle accident. Also, she shared that periodically a large airplane can crash because a bird interfered with the flight mechanism. This is exactly…

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Ellevest and FNPhenomenal New Year's Resolutions

How to Stick With Your Financial New Year’s Resolutions

In Finance

Disclosure: I’m excited to be working with Ellevest to start this conversation about women and money. I may receive compensation if you become an Ellevest client. It is the beginning of 2018, which means it is New Year’s Resolution time. This is the time when many people are using the term, “New Year New Me,” but how often does the New Year become a repeat of the years before? According to Biblical numerology, the number 8 means new. Therefore, let’s make this new year truly a new year for you to live the life that you were called to live….

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7 Lessons I learned as a single mother part 2

7 Lessons I Learned As A Single Mother (Part 2)

In Faith

Do you feel like something is blocking your relationship with God? Do you look at God’s promises to believers and then wonder where He is in your life? I think that these are common questions that arise during our Christian journey. One of the things that I struggled with was knowing the Word of God, but then struggling to believe that it applied to me.   I mentioned last week in Part 1, that God has been taking me through a period of introspection and during this time I had been focused on developing a deeper relationship with God. Last…

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7 Lessons I learned as a single mother part 1

7 Lessons I Learned As A Single Mother (Part 1)

In Faith

Lately, I feel like God has been taking me through a period of introspection, and I’ve had so many thoughts running through my mind. It’s been a time of searching, finding peace, learning from various experiences throughout my life, and seeking God to be able to hear His voice so He can be my guidance going forward. As much as I talk about God being my guide, it is so hard to take my hands off of the wheel and truly give things over to Jesus. It’s also hard to not define myself by past mistakes and really see the…

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What about your friends- Maintaining friendships after having a baby

What About Your Friends? Maintaining Friendships After Having A Baby

In Phenomenal Living

Did you ever say, “When I become a mom I’m not going to be that mom who abandons her friends”? “I’m still going to figure out how I can still meet up with my friends Sex And The City style”?”  However, once you become a mom, you realize that meeting up with friends may not be your reality anymore. You are focused on trying to find sleep, work, and taking care of your new baby or babies. The reality is that you can’t do what you used to. It may be hard for you to understand and you may wish…

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